I just got a new job that will lift me out of Medicaid. I have to make a decision on the options available. It’s all very overwhelming. This would be a family plan for myself and my children (4). All of our current doctors are already part of this network so I don’t have to worry about finding new doctors. Regular HMO is 389.42/mo with a $4000 deductible. HSA is $204 .64/mo with an $8000 deductible. Employer provides $3600 into HSA account.

So… a couple of my children see a family therapist twice a month (= 4 visits/mo). So with the HSA it would be covered 100% only after the deductible. I’m worried that with this option all my monthly premium HSA deposits would just be used to cover this mental health expense.

The HMO has a $35 copay then 100% covered after the deductible.

What do you guys think is a better option?

Also side note…one child has heart issues and is doing fine but could potentially require heart surgery at some point. So there’s that.

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