Arraignment Set for LPL Network Firm Employee Charged in Double Murder

Next Hearing Set for LPL Network Firm Employee Charged in Double Murder

Fahim had a “long history of mental health issues and a documented propensity for violence,” Boucher said in announcing the complaint in October. Pence Wealth Management had been “repeatedly warned that Fahim had a tendency toward violence, but they overlooked it, allegedly due to Laila Pence’s relationship with Fahim’s mother, Nabila Makram, the former Egyptian Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs,” the firm alleged.

Despite not being a resident of Stadium House, Fahim was allowed into the building and “loitered in the complex’s common areas for more than six hours,” according to the law firm.

“This predictable, yet completely unchecked, act of violence is the product of Pence Wealth and Stadium House prioritizing their financial interests while discounting the value of human life,” said Raymond P. Boucher, the law firm’s founder and attorney for Wendy Cuomo.

Griffin Cuomo was a 23-year-old recent graduate of the Chapman University School of Communication.

“The morning of his murder, he woke up around 6 a.m. to get ready to go to work at Pence Wealth,” the law firm said. “As he did every morning, Griffin texted his mother, Wendy, a photograph of his outfit for work that day. Wendy told Griffin he looked handsome. Neither expected this would be their final conversation.”

Only moments after that, Griffin Cuomo left the apartment he rented at Stadium House and was allegedly murdered in the hallway by Fahim, who then allegedly murdered Bahm also.

The complaint made several allegations of negligence leading to wrongful death. It alleged Laila Pence and her husband, Dryden Pence, the co-founders of Pence Wealth Management, hired Fahim because of Laila’s longtime relationship with Fahim’s mother.

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“The hiring process for Ramy was carried out with minimum effort and short-circuited anything resembling due diligence,” according to Boucher.

While working at Pence Wealth Management, “Fahim harassed, intimated, and threatened his coworkers,” Boucher claimed. Fahim was also granted “unfettered access to his co-workers’ personal information” through the PWM computer system, a violation of California law, the law firm alleged, adding that, with that info, he discovered Griffin’s home address at Stadium House.

Ramy Fahim. Photo: Anaheim Police Department