What Old Car Is Most Overvalued?

What Old Car Is Most Overvalued?

Photo: Toyota

If you’re trying to buy a cheap, old Toyota Tacoma, then good luck. These trucks are famous for holding onto their value better than most trucks of their time, if not better than most contemporary cars, period. Some would say these Tacomas are overpriced thanks to an enthusiastic market that overestimates their worth. Could be. What other old cars do you think are similarly overvalued?

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Truth be told, it seems like most older cars are too expensive now, but some models are worse than others. Jeeps Wranglers, for example, still command high prices despite being used because their appeal is timeless, which is just a nice way of saying that even a new Wrangler feels old. But people will pay good money for Jeeps, so they stay pricy or get even pricier. Whether they’re worth their price of entry is another matter, altogether — and one that I want you to debate in the comments.

I know the old saying goes on about a thing being worth whatever someone is willing to pay, but when there are so many other worthy rivals among trucks and SUVs that are just as capable as the Tacoma and Wrangler, you have to ask yourself if these vehicles are simply being overvalued at this point.

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