Mental Health Office charging more than they initially quoted. What are my options?

Hey everyone,

I currently live in California and have Optum Mental Health. I am seeing an Out-of-Network therapist whose office quoted me $45 a session. However, I am now noticing that I am being charged $75 a session, which is a little out of my budget. I have been billed 4 times, before I caught this in my bank statements. When I sent an email disputing the charges, I got this response back:

“Good morning! The $45 is a deposit. I understand how this can be confusing. I’m here to help! As an out-of-network provider with your plan, we won’t know how much insurance will cover until they processed the claim.
This is why we quote $45 so we have something to collect after each session then we bill you the rest once we receive the insurance determination.”

This was not explained to me when I signed up to see this therapist. Is there a way to hold them accountable to the $45 they initially quoted me. Doesn’t seem right. Is there a law against this…feels unethical.

Please let me know. Anything helps.